Los Angeles

YOUBE wanted creative, beautiful workspace solutions for their brand-new coworking space—and Poppin was there to help with furniture that met their clients' needs.

The Goal

  • Create a beautiful, functional workspace meant to be shared
  • Offer the opportunity for individuals to do private work
  • Create inviting spaces for teams to collaborate
  • Design a workspace that reflects the brand’s aesthetic

The Solution

  • A thoughtful floor plan that incorporates benching, office phone booths, and flexible lounge
  • PoppinPod Om and Series L 2S workstations provide space for focused, heads-down work
  • QT Lounge and the PoppinPod Kolo 4 offer spaces for both casual and formal meetings

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Peace + Quiet Time

A row of QT Lounge Chairs and Spot Side Tables offer opportunities for workers to do focused work, make a quick phone call, or just take ten minutes to themselves. Custom plants full of greenery offer additional visual privacy and add to the lush, relaxing atmosphere.

Their Favorite Spot

The Spot Side Table is designed to hold laptops, lattes, or anything else you need to get to work. With thoughtful details like a hidden handle and a flat base for pulling in close, the Spot offers YOUBE’s clients a flexible option for an alternative personal workspace.

Poppin really elevated the experience and helped us nail who we are as a brand.

Jenny Berglund Castro, Co-Founder and Co-CEO

Make Some Rooms

A PoppinPod Kolo 4 is the perfect place for a small team to meet. Soundproofing technology keeps the rest of YOUBE’s space peaceful, and the air inside is completely refreshed every 5 minutes.

Desks and chairs inside the PoppinPod Kolo 4 invite teams to have casual conversations or complete heads-down work.
The PoppinPod Kolo 4’s power outlets make it easy to power work tables, conferencing equipment, and screens for remote meetings.

Poppin Tip

The way we work is changing—and workspaces are changing, too! Think outside the personal workspace with individual lounges that inspire creative thinking. Even conference rooms can be reimagined with one-click ordering of privacy pods for 2, 4, or more.

Standing Solutions

Series L2S desks can be moved from sitting to standing in seconds, making it easy for everyone in YOUBE to find their favorite way to work.

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