Create Your Own PoppinSpaces
Get ready to transform your open floor plan.
Materials + Finishes
Dress your flexible, modular office walls up (or down) depending on your needs or style.
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Tempered Clear Glass Panels

Clear glass is ideal for maintaining sight lines throughout the office.

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Tempered Opaque Glass Panels

Opaque white glass helps retain a sense of visual privacy.

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Fabric Panels

Textured options add a stylish, inviting warmth to any Space.


A Functional (and Fun) Design
At Poppin, the world’s your oyster. Arrange the panels however you’d like depending on your office style or to create varying levels of privacy. Our customizable options let you stick to the same vibe as the rest of the office, or create an interesting contrast.

Endless Ways to Rethink Your Space

If these walls could talk, they'd say they're easy to install, break down, and move around to various places in your office. As your teams evolve, your office partition walls adapt with them.
Endless Ways to Rethink Your Space