New York City

As Congregate grew, adding additional floors to their coworking and events spaces, they needed all the spaces to have a unified design that allowed for maximum flexibility.

As a provider of turnkey workspaces, they needed a furniture partner they could trust to outfit their clients’ offices.

The Goal

  • Furniture in a crowd-pleasing palette that connects the private and public spaces
  • Flexible solutions that can be arranged and rearranged in accordance with client needs
  • A relationship with a furniture provider who can help with space planning and ordering

The Solution

  • Comfortable lounge areas that seamlessly connect with private offices while encouraging teams to work in shared spaces
  • Gangable Series L Conference Tables that can be used for conference rooms of any size or shape
  • Dedicated Poppin Account Executive on-call to space plan and place new orders ASAP

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Common Spaces

Comfortable lounges are crucial to Congegrate’s business—by creating cozy spaces away from individual offices, they can add value to their coworking spaces and encourage employees to mix and mingle.

A QT Lounge Low Sofa and Meredith Lounge Chairs offer comfort and a pop of warm color
QT Privacy Lounges offer visual privacy in the shared space, allowing for focused work

Poppin Tip

Is your business growing quickly? Lean on your Poppin Account Executive for lightning-fast floor plans, same-day orders, and advice on how to maximize your existing furniture.

Let’s Meet

Our Series A Table System is designed for maximum flexibility, letting you choose the size and shape to fit in every room in your office.

My favorite part about Poppin is the ability to add, remove, or change spaces. We were able to reach out to Poppin and get a solution right away.

Isa Ramos, General Manager

Scale Your Space

A rounded Series A Scale Table and Meredith Meeting Chairs add elevated touches to Congregate’s boardroom offerings.

Have a big conference room? Our Series A Scale Table is infinitely scalable
Cleo Credenzas offer storage for cords and teleconferencing technology

Keep it Consistent

Congregate’s coworking and conference spaces are housed in glass, making it crucial to blend the design of personal workspaces with the overall aesthetic. By partnering with Poppin to outfit each office, the style remains consistent on every floor.

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