Poppin Reseller Terms + Condition + Conditions

Last Updated: January 25, 2023

APPOINTMENT: By the acceptance of purchase order by Poppin, Poppin appoints Retailer and Retailer accepts appointment as an authorized reseller of Poppin products. Retailer will be subject to the terms and conditions as stated herein.  Retailer agrees it shall sell Poppin products only at retail, and only to retail consumers.  Retailer shall not sell or transfer any Poppin products for export from the United States and shall not sell for transfer any Poppin products to other retailers, distributors or individuals for resale in the United States or elsewhere.  No exclusive rights are conferred by this agreement.

GENERAL SALES:  Poppin reserves the right to accept or reject any order, in whole or in part, for any reason or for no reason, with or without advance notice.  Furthermore, accepting an order or orders, in whole or in part, does not obligate Poppin to accept any future order from the same or any other retailer. Information on Poppin’s unilateral pricing policies can be found at www.poppin.com/resellerpricingpolicy

INTERNET SALES:  Retailer is prohibited from promoting or selling any Poppin product on the Internet unless Retailer has been pre-approved for such marketing activities by Poppin and Poppin has consented to such activity in writing.  The selling or marketing of Poppin products is PROHIBITED on any marketplace sites, online auction sites, community sites or flash sale sites including without limitation Amazon, Jet, Wayfair, eBay and Craig's List. This provision does not apply to a genuine end consumer who purchases or receives a gift of Poppin products and later sells these products online through an auction site.  For any Retailer permitted by Poppin to sell online, Retailer agrees not engage in any paid search using the Poppin brand, including without limitation Google Adwords. Retailer also agrees to suppress Poppin product from its Product Listing Ad (PLA) feed.  If the Retailer engages in any of these prohibited online activities, Poppin may recover costs and reasonable attorney's fees from Retailer in connection with Poppin's efforts to stop or prevent such activities.  

CREDIT: Orders are accepted on an open account basis. When ordering for the first time, a credit application must be completed. All orders are subject to credit approval. Visa, American Express, Discovery and MasterCard accepted.   We will not accept orders from Retailers that are past due on their account except via credit card.

RETURNS: Requests for returns must be submitted in writing to POPPIN for review to the address below providing detail as to the reason for the Return Request. All Returns are subject to a Restocking Fee plus additional freight charges. Upon approval, you will be advised of fees deductible against refund credit. No returns will be accepted without prior written approval from POPPIN. (NOTE: A copy of the approval must accompany the return). All returns are verified upon receipt by POPPIN and credit is issued thereafter within approximately 60 days.

PRICES: All prices are subject to change without notice.

FOB: Myerstown, PA

Opening Order Minimum: $500.00

Re-Order Minimum: $150.00

Backorders will be cancelled off all orders unless otherwise noted

SPINNERS/FIXTURES: Reseller acknowledges the investment provided by Poppin if a spinner or fixture (“Poppin Fixture Display”) is provided at a cost subsidized by Poppin.  In such event, the Reseller agrees that such Poppin Fixture Display shall:  (1) Be featured in a prominent (highly visible) area of the store; (2) Be fully maintained with only Poppin products at all times; (3) Inhabit the space for a minimum of 1 year from date of installation.  Poppin will retain ownership rights to the fixture if it is provided at no charge.  If any of the above requirements are violated, Poppin reserves the right to remove the fixture at the retailer’s expense or to charge Retailer for the full cost to replace such fixture.  Poppin Fixture Display is for in-store use only. If the Poppin Fixture Display is disposed of or otherwise removed from the retail premises (given away) without Poppin’s prior consent and not returned to Poppin at termination of this agreement, Retailer will be charged the full cost of the fixture.  If Retailer no longer wishes to use the Poppin Fixture Display following the one year period and has an account in good standing, Poppin will collect the fixture at Poppin’s cost.  If the account is not in good standing or if Retailer violates the agreement (including not meeting the one year requirement), Retailer will cover the expense of the return or pay for Poppin’s cost to replace the Poppin fixture Display.

*All notices, requests and other communication must be made in writing by email or physical mail to the following:

Wholesale Contact Information:

16 Madison Square West
3rd Floor
New York, NY 10010
tel  866.926.4923
fax 888.864.8564


Please send all payments to:

16 Madison Square West
3rd Floor
New York, NY 10010
tel  212.391.7200 x713
fax 1-888-475-4743