Meet PoppinSpaces
Ready-to-Ship Spaces wherever you need them.

Introducing the first-ever
simple flexible affordable fun

system of free-standing rooms.

Add definition to your open-plan office with movable walls for meeting, collaborating, and working privately without the hassle or cost of construction.

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Space for Flexibility

Easily take-apart-able, we can break 'em down to move around your office.

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Space for Affordability

Less money on contractors means more money for Bagel Fridays and cold brew.

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Space for Sustainability

Save unneeded waste on one-use dry walls (since we only have one planet).

50,000+ Businesses Working Happy
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Shop Pre-configured Spaces
If you need inspiration, check out these ready-to-ship movable walls to instantly get started on giving your team a better way to work.
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Create Your Own Space
There are thousands of ways PoppinSpaces can be designed (think: different sizes, materials, and colors) to fit your team's needs.