Satellite Offices

Work from home doesn't work for everyone! As companies assess the future of their workspaces, they're beginning to pop-up "satellite offices" — multiple convenient locations for employees to do in-person work.

Collaboration Solutions
Open-air lounge systems and easy-to-move training desks and chairs create spaces for meetings and trainings.
Video Conferencing Solutions
Connect with employees at home and other satellite locations with privacy pods that can be equipped with screens.
Personal Workspace Solutions
Create hot desking solutions with flexible, tool-free assembly furniture that can be used in your workspace now and later.
Corporate Branding
Keep your employees connected between home, HQ, and satellite offices with office supplies that reflect your culture.
We're Here to Help
With in-stock solutions and space planning experts, we'll get your Satellite Office up and running ASAP.
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Plan Your Satellite Office

We'll help you design the floorplan of your satellite office — completely for free.

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Ships Within Days

The entire Poppin furniture collection is always in stock + ready to ship.

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Start Working Happy

We'll handle the delivery and installation. All you need to do is get to work!