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The Hybrid Office: Reinvent the Way You Work

The Hybrid Office: Reinvent the Way You Work


Months out from the COVID-19 crisis, offices have changed—maybe for good. At this point, your office has responded to the immediate crisis by shifting to a WFH structure while establishing processes for business continuity. You’ve also redesigned the way you work, changing both your practices and policies and your physical environment. 

So what comes next? 

After your initial reaction to solve for immediate challenges, it’s time to reinvent your office. Now that you have the time and space to consider your office’s long-term strategy, you can create an office that works for you and for your employees.

Three Hallmarks of the Hybrid Office

Where the office of the past focused on place, the Hybrid Office focuses on purpose. By designing spaces around the purpose of the work, you can increase employee satisfaction and productivity, save money on square footage, and design an office that takes you into the future. 

  1. Increase Employee Choice 

  2. Maximize Collaboration Opportunities

  3. Create Continuity Everywhere



1. Increase Employee Choice

When COVID-19 ushered in the work-from-home revolution, employees didn’t have the choice to work in the office. While many employees enjoy it, others miss the camaraderie of the office—and as the world begins to return to the office, the happiest employees will be able to choose their work environment. 

The physical office can provide flexible choices within the floorplan, recreating the comfort of home while adding spaces for the kind of focused work that’s difficult to achieve with the distractions of home.

The Safer Personal Workspace

Add Protective Acrylic Shields to a Series L Desk to create socially-distant personal space in the office. 

The Comforts of Home

A QT Lounge with a Spot Side Table lets employees "work from the couch” for comfort without distractions. 

The Place For Peace + Quiet 

A PoppinPod Om with a stool offers a respite in the open office for quiet work or a meeting with a remote worker. 



2. Maximize Collaboration Opportunities

While the team is working from home, the benefits of an open office’s constant communication and spontaneous thinking can be lost. Recreate opportunities for collaboration with a central workspace that makes room for interactive brainstorms and chance meetings while prioritizing flexibility. 

Flexible Collaboration Spaces

Create opportunities for brainstorms with spaces that encourage collaboration. Easy-to-clean Key Chairs, individual Block Party Ottomans, and our Goal Dry Erase Board offer a blank slate for creative thinking. 

Safe Touchdown Spaces

To encourage your team to work away from their desks, offer safe shared spaces with standing tables, protective acrylic shields, and social distancing decals. This allows people from all over your organization to work together, exchange ideas, and create connections. 



3. Create Continuity Everywhere

The key to creating a Hybrid Office that bridges the gap between the office and working from home is continuity. By creating routine and consistency in their physical workspaces, you can strengthen your brand identity and reaffirm your team’s commitment to the organization. 

Invest in WFH

With our Corporate WFH program, all of your employees will receive 15% off home office necessities. An adjustable height desk, Max Task Chair, Stow File Cabinet, and office supplies—just like the ones at home—will create a sense of continuity.

Stay On Brand 

Show your employees that you appreciate their work with customized office supplies that double as opportunities for branding. A Desk Organizer makes any desk more organized, while a germ-killing UVC Wand or Water Bottle can travel between the offices. 

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