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Work Happy Digest Vol. 1

Work Happy Digest Vol. 1

Welcome to the first workweek of 2023! This is our very first edition of the Work Happy Digest, where we fill you in on the things that keep us working happy all year long. This list of handy tips, tricks, and must-haves will be a regular feature on the blog designed to brighten up your workday.

Feeling just a tad sluggish after the holiday break?

Turn the page on 2022 with our Velvet Medium Spiral Notebook.

Nothing says a fresh start like a new notebook. We like the winter vibes our Velvet Medium Spiral Notebook is giving. 

This AirPod cleaner is super handy.

Have you looked at your AirPods lately? Go look at them. We’ll wait…

We’re guessing they’re at least a little grungy, right? Good thing we found this 3-in-1 cleaning brush made specifically for ear buds. Give your AirPods (and their case!) the cleaning we’re betting they desperately need.

Here's a healthy lunch recipe for those of us who resolved to brown bag it more often in 2023.

This delicious buddha bowl puts the sad desk salad to shame. Prep the ingredients for this the night before and you’ll be out the door in time for the early bus. Pro tip: make the rest in advance but use a fresh avocado for every bowl.

This heated blanket has been keeping us warm on chilly in-office days.

Brr, it’s cold in the office! Are we the only ones who are freezing all year long? We’ve discovered a loophole in the whole “no personal heaters in the office” rule. This heated blanket! Stop shivering at your desk and thank us later.

Resolved to kick office gossip in the new year? Get your daily dose of delightfully mild scandal with the Normal Gossip podcast.

Normal Gossip, a podcast from Defector Media delivers juicy, strange, funny, and utterly banal gossip about people you’ll never know and never meet. Ready for a not-as-guilty pleasure? You can subscribe to Normal Gossip on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever else you listen.

This sansevieria plant will brighten up any desk.

Sansevieria plants are ideal for the office. They’ll stay green in low light and are drought-tolerant so you don’t have to do too much watering. We could all use a little greenery at this time of year, right?

The Walker Tracker app has been getting us up and out.

Walker Tracker makes it easy for companies to run wellness activities and challenges that increase staff engagement, build team camaraderie and improve employee health. Set up challenges, like taking a walk around the block with a different coworker once a week.

We know it’s a struggle to get back into the groove after the holiday break so we hope these tips keep you woking happy into the new year. Now, pour yourself another cup of coffee, queue up an episode of Normal Gossip, and get back to those spreadsheets.

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