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Work Happy Digest Vol. 3

Work Happy Digest Vol. 3

Welcome back to the Work Happy Digest, our series where we share the things that are keeping us working happy through the month.

Take your meetings on the road.

And crush our step goals! Next time you have a casual meeting, 1-on-1, or brainstorm, pop in your headphones and take a walk around the block. Studies show that walking actually improves your creativity, so next time you’re stuck on a project, try pounding the pavement for a few minutes.

Our Super Stacked desk organizer will take your desk from chaotic to organized.

Because a clean desk is a happy desk. Sort your papers, pens, odds, and ends with our Super Stacked Desk Organizer.

Eat lunch together.

Instead of holing up alone at your desk with your market bowl, try eating lunch as a team. Just last month, your friends here at Poppin hosted a team hot-wing challenge. We impressed each other with our spice tolerance, had a few laughs, and several emergency milkshakes. It was a great way to break up a workday (and gobble down some delicious wings!)

The Ologies podcast will help pass the time.

This science podcast answers all the questions you’ve ever had (and probably a few more you didn’t even know you had.) Host Allie Ward sits down with various “-ologists” and breaks down their fields into bite-size information. If you’ve ever wondered what delphinology is, this podcast is for you. Spoiler alert: it’s the study of dolphins.

Our office recently upgraded our personal workspaces with the Maxwell Task Chair.

And we’ve been sitting happy ever since! Our Maxwell Task Chairs are ergonomically designed for talls, smalls, and everyone in between.

This free meditation app will help you develop a mindfulness habit.

Everyone needs a moment or two of peace. Especially during a chaotic workday. The Soothing Pod app can help you make mindfulness a habit, whether you’ve got two minutes or two hours to spare.

This machine will brew a refreshing cup of cold brew at home in under 30 minutes.

Cold brew season is well on its way. Make your own brew at home and save a few bucks with this super-cool contraption.

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