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Poppin Miami's New Mural

Poppin Miami's New Mural

Miami’s Wynwood neighborhood is known for its incredible murals, so when we chose our showroom location, we couldn’t wait to put one in our new office space!

We worked with artist Marleigh Culver to create a custom mural for our brand-new Miami showroom. With shapes and colors inspired by Poppin’s furniture collection, it’s now the background to our favorite place to work!

Check out our behind-the-scenes video to watch it all come together, and read on for an interview with Marleigh.


Q: What inspired you as you created Poppin’s mural?

A: My work helps create more space for happiness and positivity. With the mural layout, I like creating beautiful curves, as it’s very soothing for the eye to follow bends and curves. With this mural, it’s exciting to look at even though it’s a neutral, soft color. 

Furniture needs to be sturdy, but it can also be beautiful—that’s where you can create a contrast with the mural and the furniture. Since some of Poppin’s furniture is in subdued colors, I wanted the mural to be a focal point with the furniture blended in around it. I was also inspired by Miami itself. There’s so much vibrancy and playfulness, so I tried to bring in some funky abstract shapes along with some floral notes.


Q: What does “work happy” mean to you?

A: Work happiness is making sure that you're honoring yourself as a person, being able to do your best and having support to do your best. I think especially about environments and what is done in those environments that make the day feel productive and positive. That can mean having multiple places to work in an office, or a place for alone time.

Our relationship with work has changed over the past two years! We’re lucky to live in this environment of offices evolving. People are becoming more aware of how their work environment affects happiness and productivity. Since so many people have spent so much time at home, they have begun to notice how their environment affects them both mentally and physically. Everyone is paying attention to how important the environment is, whether it’s at home or at work. 


Q: How do you think color can be used in our everyday lives?

I love color, and even though my house is chill and neutral, in my work I use vibrant colors. Having a canvas that’s filled with all these hand-mixed colors can help transport your brain somewhere else for a second. That’s what murals in offices can be—it’s like a living, breathing thing that can help inspire people. 


Want to see the mural for yourself? Head to to make an appointment to meet our Miami team and visit our Wynwood showroom. 

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