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How the Work Happy Experts WFH

How the Work Happy Experts WFH

Want to see how the “work happy” experts are working from home? We asked a few members of our team to share their tips! Read on for advice, inspiration, and everything you need to create a home office that gets you working happy.



Q: Which Poppin product is your home office MVP?

My favorite work from home Poppin product is the Max Task Chair! I ordered one at the very beginning of 2020 and it has become the most important piece of furniture in my home. The Max Task Chair was super easy to assemble and it is a million times more comfortable to sit on than the kitchen stool I was using prior to my upgrade.

Q: How do you maintain a work/life balance while WFH?

I make a point to take a break in the middle of the day whenever possible. For example, I will sometimes take a 30 minute class on my Peloton bike or take my dog out for a walk during lunch. Taking a few moments away from my desk helps me feel refreshed and ready to go when I get back to work.

Q: How do you stay connected to Poppin's work happy culture while WFH?

Poppin’s People and Culture team does an incredible job hosting virtual events. Whether we’re doing a company-wide virtual sip-and-paint class or participating in a digital trivia night, I try to be a part of the action. Virtual events are a fun way to stay connected to my team, even when we’re all far apart! 


VP of Marketing

Q: What’s your favorite thing about your desk?

I like having the pops of color provided by my Sage and Blush office supplies. It’s a soft palette, and it brings in a little visual interest, plus the products themselves are practical and help me stay organized. (And it’s conveniently located next to the "bar" for those after work happy hours!)

Q: How do you help keep your team connected while WFH?

Having a daily team meeting has really helped the Marketing Team stay connected and working happy! We use that time to go over updates and to check in on what everyone did over the weekend. It’s nice to see everyone’s faces and have time to connect, just like in the office. 

Q: How do you incorporate ergonomics into your home office?

I try to use the adjustable-height functionality on my Series L 2S desk daily. Previously, I found myself sitting straight through the day while WFH. Without needing to get up to walk to a meeting or take a walk around the block to grab lunch, it was so easy to just stay hunched over the computer for hours on end. Standing periodically helps to reduce the back and neck pain that can come from sitting in the same position continuously, and the Series L 2S has made such a difference!



Q: What's your favorite part of your home office?

The Key Desk was a life saver! My body couldn't bear working from my couch anymore and the Key Desk fit perfectly with the rest of my apartment decor. 

Q: What's your top tip for WFH productivity?

When you're working from home it's easy to pick up and put down work whenever and wherever, for better and for worse. Keeping myself to a routine, both in my personal and professional life, has allowed me to properly prioritize work projects.

Q: How did you bring “work happiness” into your home office?

In the office, all of our desks are decked out with plants, desktop organization, our mini dry erase boards, and more. Once I had my home office furniture setup, I went on a “work happy” mission! With the help of our Poppin office supplies now my desk at home is organized, decorated, and fun. 

Want to learn more about working happy from home? Head to or read more WFH advice from our experts.

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