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How Netflix Helped Their Team Be Productive at Home

How Netflix Helped Their Team Be Productive at Home

Before Netflix moved their team to remote work, going into the office was encouraged. When COVID-19 created the need for their entire team to work from home, they knew they needed tools to help recreate the office environment for their employees at home. 


"Our culture was very flexible," said Leslie Nolan, Netflix's Move Logistics Manager in Los Angeles, "but it was always encouraged for us to go to the office since everything was provided there to be productive." 

One of the main concerns with working from home has always been employee productivity. When the coronavirus forced a WFH experiment at scale, companies everywhere began searching for solutions to help their teams stay as focused, efficient, and comfortable as they were in the office. 

Poppin's Corporate Work From Home program is designed to help teams through the transition to remote work, as well as the phased process to getting teams back to the office post-COVID. Because our furniture is always in stock and ready to ship, we were in a unique position to help Netflix's team get to work productively ASAP. 

Through our Corporate WFH program, we created a custom site where Netflix employees could order furniture and supplies at a special discount. We handled all of the logistics and shipping to individual employees so the team at Netflix could focus on more pressing matters. 

"Providing the tools that Poppin had made people feel like they were more at the office, rather than random desks or chairs that they had at home, said Kristen Montero, the Furnitures, Fixtures, and Equipment Coordinator at Netflix. "I wanted it to be a continuation of the workplace."


Even as employees begin to head back to the office post-COVID, working from home is here to stay. 

"I think people will work from home at some capacity even after things go back to normal," said Nolan."I think it's shown productivity has not slowed down, and a lot of people feel even more productive from home."

As the world moves to a combination of in-office and at-home work, consistency between the two spaces can help employees feel more comfortable and work more efficiently. Our supply chain and logistics team, which were built to be game-changers in the office furniture industry, can help outfit offices of thousands of employees as easily as we can send a sit-to-stand desk and ergonomic task chair to each of your team members. 

Want to hear more about how we can set up a corporate WFH program for your team? Click here, chat us below, or email

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