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5 Reasons Every Post-COVID Office Needs Protective Acrylic Shields

5 Reasons Every Post-COVID Office Needs Protective Acrylic Shields

As we get ready to go back to the office post-COVID, protective barriers are a key component to a safe and confident return. Poppin's Protective Acrylic Shields are in stock and ready to ship—read on to see why every office needs them.


1. The CDC Recommends Them

According to the CDC’s “COVID-19 Employer Information for Office Buildings,” shields are a must for safe workplaces in the wake of the coronavirus. While creating socially-distanced floorplans is the first priority, shields allow for safety as employees move around the office.

“Install transparent shields or other physical barriers where possible to separate employees and visitors where social distancing is not an option."

- Center for Disease Control


2. They’re the Flexible Solution

The post-COVID workspace needs to be extremely flexible, allowing you to react to new information quickly and confidently. Freestanding Protective Acrylic Shields can be used on desks, conference tables, and anywhere else you need to offer physical separation. Since they’re lightweight and assemble without tools, you can move your shields wherever you need them.


3. They Provide Essential Safety

Shields that surround each of your employees create physical barriers that function as “sneeze guards,” protecting your team members from the particles in coughs, sneezes, and conversations. Our acrylic is easy to clean and disinfect—simply wipe with soap and water or a disinfecting wipe—providing peace of mind at every personal workspace and inside conference rooms.


4. They Encourage Communication

Transparent shields offer peace of mind without creating visual barriers that interfere with open communication or your company culture. As we all adjust to the “new normal,” some objects in the office may promote a feeling of fear—acrylic shields, on the other hand, are visually light and allow your team to maintain the feeling of the open office pre-COVID 19.



5. They Can Be Customized

Poppin's in-stock offerings include multiples sizes of freestanding acrylic shields, as well as shields that integrate seamlessly with our Series A and Series L Desk Systems. We know that every office has unique needs, so we’re also offering custom sizes with a minimum order quantity of 50 shields. Our Account Executives will work with you to identify your needs, help you size out the right shield, and execute your order with our immediately-available acrylic.


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