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Frequently Asked Questions

PoppinSpaces Collection

PoppinSpaces Collection


How do I choose the best PoppinSpaces configuration for our needs?

Whether you need Space for small team meetings or you want to increase separation between coworkers in an open office plan, we have ready-to-ship, movable walls that’ll fit your needs. For instance, our Meet Spaces are great for enclosing a conference table, our Collaborate Spaces are perfect for lounge settings, and our Work Spaces give your team more privacy to work solo. You can also a create your own PoppinSpaces if you need something more specific. Your Account Executive can assist with recommendations. Reach out to or at (888) 676-7746 to get started.

PoppinSpaces are “free-standing rooms.” So, what does that mean exactly?

Free-standing means that the modular office walls can support themselves in any location you need them. They shouldn’t be affixed permanently to the floor or structural walls.

Can Poppin help me plan the integration of PoppinSpaces into our space?

Yes, our support team is here for you! We’ll provide you with a clear vision of how office partitions will work in your space and take you through areas of concern like low ceilings, access to power, existing lighting and electrical, HVAC, plus compliance with fire safety codes. For dimensions for specific PoppinSpaces configurations, please refer to the detailed spec sheet, or reach out to us and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Can I create my own PoppinSpaces?

Yes. We offer a select range of materials, colors, and finishes that you can mix and match to create a unique look. You might see additional configurations in our sales material that look different than what’s offered on our website. PoppinSpaces is a modular system that can be configured in an endless number of ways, but we’ve created eight ready-to-ship configurations that address the most common needs for space. You can also get creative and mix and match them, whether you need just one Space or 100.

Can I add plaques and decals to the glass panels?

Yes. The panel materials are generally able to support products with adhesive backing. Poppin can create custom artwork or decals for your branding needs. Just let our team know and we’ll be happy to assist.

Can the walls support additions like artwork?

No. Though we’re continuing to develop new accessories and products to enhance PoppinSpaces, due to the non-load-bearing nature of our design, the panel system can’t support additional weight or hanging items. To add a video monitor or television to your PoppinSpaces, we recommend a free-standing monitor mount.

Which furniture items work best in PoppinSpaces?

We designed our modular office walls to work with most of our own furniture items like Series L Adjustable Height Desks, Series A Conference Tables, and Block Party Lounge pieces. You can use any furniture items that fit. For guidance on sizing, refer to our spec sheets or reach out to an Account Executive at or at (888) 676-7746 to help you lay out PoppinSpaces and Poppin furniture using a floor plan you provide.

Can the glass panels function as a white board?

Yes. You can use any standard dry erase marker on either side of the white or clear glass panels.

Can PoppinSpaces be used outdoors?

No. For the best safety practices, we do not recommend using PoppinSpaces outdoors.

Can I use just one of the walls if I don’t need all of them?

No. PoppinSpaces are meant to be used as a system of walls. Each wall isn’t designed to be free-standing on its own.

What does it sound like inside PoppinSpaces?

PoppinSpaces, by design, are not 100% soundproof. Some Spaces (like the Meet Spaces) can keep conversations more private than others. There aren’t any acoustic properties to PoppinSpaces.


How do PoppinSpaces connect to power?

We have partnered with industry leaders to create options that are quick and easy and others that are seamlessly integrated. Our power solutions (sold separately) are the most flexible on the market. Get in touch with an Account Executive at or at (888) 676-7746 for more info.

Can I install a monitor or TV in my PoppinSpaces?

Due to the non-load-bearing nature of our design, the panel system can’t support additional weight or hanging items. Poppin recommends this stand for televisions up to 80”W for use inside PoppinSpaces. This stand sits well with both Poppin’s Series A Table and Cleo Credenza, which can be positioned tightly to the wall.


What materials will be used on the sliding door?

The Sliding Door is made from the same powder-coated aluminum and tempered glass as the rest of our PoppinSpaces configurations. The door consists of a frame, glass panels, and locking beams.

Can the door be added to an already assembled PoppinSpaces?

Absolutely! Just order the kit that matches your space coloring and glass.

How can the door be secured in the closed position?

The door does not lock; to close, simply slide the door into a closed position.

How much noise mitigation will the door provide?

The door adds visual privacy, but no additional noise mitigation.

Does the door have a handle?

Yes. The right-handed door extends the entire height of the Sliding Panel and slides to the right when you’re outside of your PoppinSpace. When you’re inside of PoppinSpaces, you slide the closed door to the left to exit.

Which PoppinSpaces formats can support a door?

Confer and Connect are designed to easily support a door. To install on a Hive or custom configuration, reach out to your Account Executive, and we’ll make it happen!

How does the door attach to the PoppinSpaces structure? Does it require tools or is it tool-free?

The door panel attaches by adding two components to the Space: A glide rail that attaches to the top beam and a small guide piece that attaches to the bottom beam, assisting with keeping the panel in the top track. An M4 Allen wrench and 7mm wrench are required; your Sliding Door will come with the tools you need.


What size and material are the acoustic panels

The acoustic panels are 60”x 30” and 1.41” thick. They are made out of 50% recycled PET and 50% virgin PET.

Do acoustic panels fit all PoppinSpaces?

Yes!* Acoustic panels were built to fit all of our PoppinSpaces as well as any custom Space. (For custom spaces, reach out to your Account Executive!)

Can acoustic panels be used with glass panels?

Absolutely! Mix and match our selection of acoustic panels and glass styles for your ideal aesthetic and level of privacy.

I already purchased PoppinSpaces with glass! Can I still use the acoustic panels?

Our acoustic panels are designed to easily swap with our glass option. We recommend swapping your opaque glass with acoustic panels to keep the same level of privacy; however, it’s completely up to you.

What certification do the acoustic panels have?

All panels have passed the ASTME-84 flammability test with Class A. Our panels have also received the Gold SCS Indoor Air Quality certification for indoor air quality.

How do acoustic panels affect sound?

While acoustic panels don’t make conversations completely private, they help reduce echo and reverberation, dampening sound waves that would have otherwise been heard at full volume.

How can I clean acoustic panels?

The acoustic panels are stain resistant, which limits any required maintenance. However, we do understand that sometimes items need to be cleaned! Simply wipe clean with soap, water, and a soft cloth and then let dry. Avoid over soaking.


How long does delivery take?

PoppinSpaces are in stock and ready to ship! We hold all components in our warehouses and can move as quickly as you can to get your office outfitted and everyone working happy. Your new walls are delivered and installed in under 10 business days. If you need delivery in less than 10 business days, please contact an Account Executive at or at (888) 676-7746 to discuss your needs and we’ll work with you.

How does White Glove Installation work?

Leading up to your delivery date, our Project Managers will work closely with you to provide a punch list of how you can prepare for your delivery. With our White Glove Installation, a team of professional installers will arrive on a date arranged ahead of time to unpack, assemble, and place your new movable walls exactly where you want it. The installers will be equipped with your office floor plan and the PoppinSpace configurations you’ve selected. They will assemble all the parts required in the designated spaces, get your thumb’s up, and clean out the area—leaving it spotless.

How much does required White Glove Delivery + Installation cost?

White Glove Installation service is calculated as a percentage of total order value, prior to any discounts and sales tax. White Glove fees for your order will be reflected at checkout.

What’s involved in assembling PoppinSpaces?

Assembly is relatively simple with the provided tool. However, because of the scale of the configurations and the number of parts, we require White Glove Installation. PoppinSpaces include floor glides that allow for 0.5”H adjustment, ensuring that the space is level even if your floor isn’t.

Our building requires a COI. Can you provide this?

Yes. Our White Glove Installers are insured and we can provide a Certificate of Insurance.

I’ve placed my order! How should I prepare to receive my PoppinSpaces?

Our experienced team of Project Managers will reach out to coordinate with you and our installation partners. Depending on the configurations you select, we will recommend the amount of cleared space required for efficient installation. A general rule of thumb is about 1.5x the square footage of the finished configuration for assembly. We will need to review your office floor plan and also be sure we understand the requirements of delivering to and installing in your building.

How do I reconfigure PoppinSpaces?

Break down and reassembly is relatively simple with the provided tool. However, because of the scale of the configurations and the number of parts, please reach out to our Account Executives at or at (888) 676-7746. They’ll help you coordinate with our installation partners with reconfiguration.


What is the PoppinSpaces return policy?

Free 120 Day Returns Returns of PoppinSpaces products are accepted within 120 days of receipt free of charge, provided that the product is in new condition. To place a return within 120 days of receipt, please contact Poppin via email ( with your order number and details on the items you’d like to return. For more details on our PoppinSpaces Return Policy, please read below. Please note:

  • If the product returned is no longer in new condition, the customer will be assessed a minimum 20% refurbishing charge that will be deducted from your refund.
  • Any delivery and installation fees are non-refundable.
  • All refunds for eligible returns will be processed within 10 business days of receipt.

Damages + Defects Please inspect shipments for any visible damage and note that on the paperwork when signing for the delivery. Once assembled, inspect the product for any damage. If the product arrives damaged, contact us within 5 days to arrange an exchange at no cost to you.

How long is the PoppinSpaces warranty?

PoppinSpaces has a warranty of 12 years. This includes replacement of any faulty part at no cost. Labor required to install replacement parts may result in a fee. Damages that include, but are not limited to, misuse, user-inflicted damage, liquid damage, mold or infestation, are not covered under this warranty.

How should I maintain our PoppinSpaces?

PoppinSpaces require very little maintenance, but here are a few ways to keep your movable walls in tip-top shape:

  • The metal framework should be cleaned with a mild mix of soap and water. Scuff marks can be removed using the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser product.
  • Glass panels can be cleaned with cleaners like Windex. If you’re using dry-erase markers on the glass, a typical glass cleaner should suffice or invest in a specific spray cleaner formulated to remove dry eraser marks.
  • We recommend conducting an annual check of the joints in the structure to ensure the cam locks are fully engaged and locked to the fullest degree. The installers will leave you with the Torx wrench used to tighten the locks. Just like any bolted structure, building vibrations and small movements can cause the tension locks to loosen over time. If you need to repair or replace any of the PoppinSpaces components please contact us for assistance.


Do you have more information on what kind of glass is used in the panels?

All glass panels are tempered for safety reasons. You can use any standard dry erase marker on either side of the white or clear glass panels. The clear glass is rated “low-iron” which means it is truly clear, without a “bottle green” tint. The white glass is colored by adding ceramic fill to the mixture. It is truly opaque.

What happens if the glass panels were to shatter?

All of our glass panels are tempered glass and in the event the panel were to break the pieces would pose a minimal rise. This safety glass minimizes the risk of injury in the event of an accident.

Can your team help us plan around the sprinkler system in our office?

Yes. The various configurations are designed to work with existing fire suppression equipment. If you can provide a floor plan that includes the sprinkler system layout, then we can plan around the sprinklers. Your building manager, and possibly a local fire safety authority, may want to review and approve the final plan.

Our office is in a region at risk of seismic activity. Will we need to take extra precautions when installing PoppinSpaces?

Depending on your office location, if you need a single row of Spaces your local building code may require seismic anchoring due to the nature of this product. Otherwise, PoppinSpaces are considered to be “globally stabilized structures” and therefore do not require specific precautions when installed. We're happy to help you meet any seismic requirements and install seismic anchors at an additional fee. Please inform your Account Executive at (888) 676-7746 with your building's requirements as soon as possible. We are not liable for any incidents involving your PoppinSpaces if you do not inform us of your building's seismic requirements or if you choose not to move forward with seismic anchors

Does PoppinSpaces meet BIFMA standards?

Yes, our modular office walls meet or exceed the testing protocols defined in the ANSI/BIFMA x5.6-2016 Panel Systems standard. Tests we’ve conducted and passed:

  • CA Prop65
  • Colorfastness on powdercoat
  • ASTM 2813 on glass
  • Corrosion Resistance
Is PoppinSpaces Certified Indoor Advantage™️ Gold?

PoppinSpaces holds the Indoor Advantage™️ Gold standard, which conforms to the ANSI/BIFMA Furniture Emissions Standard and is awarded by third-party certifier Scientific Certification Systems. It is awarded by SCS to products that do not exceed the VOC emission criteria established in the BIFMA X7.1 Emission Standard and/or meet the more stringent California Section 01350 criteria.