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5 Ways to Use PoppinPod in the Post-COVID Workplace

5 Ways to Use PoppinPod in the Post-COVID Workplace

The PoppinPod, Poppin’s privacy solution, has more uses than ever in the post-COVID workplace. Use it to create private spaces, construct visual barriers, offer videoconferencing solutions, and more.

Q1-2020_Shot11-hpr (1).jpg

1. Video Calls with Remote Workers

As people begin to go back to the office, work from home is here to stay. With team members working on alternate shifts or even working remotely full time, it’s crucial to add additional teleconferencing equipment for seamless video calls. Our PoppinPods are simple to add a screen to, making them the ideal space to hold virtual meetings without booking a full conference room. 

2. Assigned Private Space

Bookable PoppinPods can offer assigned personal spaces for employees. Assign them weekly to allow for a deep-cleaning over the weekend or permanently for employees who spend most of their day on calls. Assigned spaces make employees feel safe and comfortable while cutting down on noise for the teammates around them.

3. Ready-Made Cubes for Open Offices


The Kolo 2, Kolo 4, and Kolo 6 (4 and 6 coming later this year!) function as turnkey conference rooms or “cubes” for companies with existing open office setups. When seeking more separation in the office, construction can be costly and take months. Our in-stock pods allow you to create instant rooms to offer visual and auditory privacy in the open office. 

4. Room Dividers


A row of PoppinPod Kolo or PoppinPod Om (coming soon!) work as a barrier between teams or office zones. The easy-clean glass and steel let them work double-duty as privacy pods and additional separation in the open office. They cut down on noise, visual clutter, and the feeling of overcrowding in the post-COVID open office. 

5. Mobile Personal Workspaces

PoppinPod_Om_Sit_Rolling_Install-hpr (1).jpg

The PoppinPod Om, launching soon, is designed to be moved—fully assembled—anywhere in the office with ease. Flexibility will continue to be key as we return to the office, and furniture that allows you to reconfigure your floorplan keeps your workspace responsive and agile. Move it around your office to create private workspaces, visual and auditory barriers, or a turnkey meeting space.

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