Protective Acrylic Shields

Use our CDC-recommended clear acrylic shields as counter sneeze guards to offer protection in the office, in schools, or anywhere you need safety in the workplace.

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Shields for Offices
Build out your COVID-19 office safety program with freestanding or clip-on vertical sneeze guards for your team’s desks and conference tables.
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Shields for Schools
Follow the CDC’s recommendations for a safe return to school with acrylic shields for classrooms, administrative offices, and multi-use spaces.
Custom Acrylic Shields Available
Additional sizes, formats, and cutout options to fit every business or school’s unique needs.
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Custom Length + Height

Our portable sneeze guards can be made to the specifications of your office or classroom.

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Custom Cutouts

Create custom document or cable pass-throughs for your countertop sneeze guard.

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Uniquely-Shaped Desks

Design an office partition that’s exactly what you need for desks and tables of any shape.