Preparing for the Future of Work
At Poppin, we’ve always dedicated ourselves to making workspaces simple, flexible, and yes—happy. As we move together toward the future of work, we’ve made it easy to find solutions for the individual future of your office.
Preparing for the Future of Work
Work From Home
Employees working remotely from home offices.
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+ Focused Work
+ No Commute
- Limited Collaboration
- No Community
- Limited Resources
Local Satellite Offices
Small, local campuses close to your team’s homes.
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+ Small Group Collaboration
+ Office Resources
+ Short Commutes
+ Low Health Risk
- Limited Community
Return to Headquarters
The traditional headquarters of your company.
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+ Extensive Collaboration
+ Extensive Office Resources
+ Community + Culture
- Longer Commutes
- Higher Health Risk
We're Here to Help
With our speed, flexibility, and years of expertise, Poppin is uniquely positioned to help you create your company’s future of work. By combining these three distinct workspaces, we can overcome each space’s drawbacks, bring back culture and collaboration, and get your team working happy again.
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Product Assortment

With CDC-recommended safety solutions and a curated collection of WFH and office furniture, we’re the one-stop-shop for every workspace.

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Ease + Flexibility

We handle the floor planning, delivery, and installation; our flexible furniture is designed to work now and later so you can focus on what matters.

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In Stock + Ready to Ship

The solutions in the Poppin Furniture Collection are always in stock and ready to ship so you don’t have to wait to start your team’s future of work.

Protective Acrylic Shields
CDC-recommended solutions for a safe return to the office.
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The Satellite Office
Learn about creating local workspaces for your team.
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Explore insider info from the office and furniture experts.
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