New York City

After a rapid growth phase, was ready to start fresh with a space to support their new team.

Poppin helped them design a flexible, collaborative office that offered the opportunity to scale their culture along with their team.

The Goal

  • Flexibility to add additional desks as the team continues to scale
  • Offering more collaboration spaces
  • Creating more opportunities for spontaneous interactions across the team

The Solution

  • Establish a complete and flexible furniture system that can grow with the team
  • Provide small meeting tables for casual collaboration and spontaneous interactions

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Chance Encounters

To combat any siloing that happens when a team grows, focused on creating plenty of spaces for spontaneous interactions across departments. The Round Touchpoint Tables provide the perfect place to collaborate when the formal Conference Rooms are booked, or to have an afternoon snack with someone in another department.

Gather 'Round

Sometimes teams just need a quiet space to meet. set up multiple conference rooms, each with a different layout of Series A Conference Tables to service a variety of meeting sizes and types.

Poppin Tip

To make a clean black and white palette feel modern and inviting, try incorporating additional furniture and accessories in neutral hues with varying textures for added warmth and dimension.

Take a Stand chose the Series L Adjustable Height Desks to provide their team with the flexibility to transition from sitting to standing in seconds. The Series L was the perfect choice for their open office environment, providing each employee with sufficient personal space without hindering in-the-moment communication. Moreover, the Series L Desks can easily be added and benched as the team continues to grow.

You want employees to be fired up to come to work everyday and have a space that allows them to be their best selves each and every day. This all starts with the look and feel of your office environment and permeates across the entire company.

Ellen Kraemer, Office Manager

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