“LinkedIn takes pride in its employee culture. Poppin’s products help express that in fun ways that turn everyday items into an extension of our office’s personality.” - Lawrence B., LinkedIN

“I never thought I would see a bunch of grown men fight over office supplies, but then again I never thought anyone cared about making office products as beautiful and affordable as Poppin does.” - Eric K., Thrillist

“It’s hard to find pens that are made of metal and feel heavy in your hand. It wrote like a dream. I was in love on the spot.” - Karianne N.

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My lovely friends bought me a whole bunch of items (lime green pens, paperclips, tacks, scissors, notebooks, zippered envelopes, etc. etc.) for my B-day (and to celebrate my new job)! - Lesley T.

“We keep the aesthetic of our office chic with clean lines. Poppin's fashionable office supplies help us do that, all the way down to the pens we use.” - Rodger B., CEO

“I just wanted to say I’m kinda obsessed with your company and products! The office world needed someone like you to come along and make things a bit brighter and prettier” - Nicole E.