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How long will it take for my order to arrive?
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How do I find my tracking number?
Tracking number
How can I check the status of my delivery?
Delivery status
When will my order ship?
When will my order ship?
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What carriers does Poppin use?
Can I pick my own carrier for delivery?
Selecting a shipping carrier
Can shipping be expedited?
Expedited shipping
Can I use my personal shipping account?
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Can you deliver to a PO box?
PO box deliveries
Do you ship to US Territories?
Shipping to US territories
Can I get my order delivered today?
Same day delivery
Do I have to wait around all day for my delivery?
Signing for deliveries
What time can I expect my order to be delivered?
When will my order be delivered?
Can I specify a delivery date and time for my order?
Specific delivery dates
Where do you ship from?
Where do you ship from?
I live in NYC, can I pick up my order in person?
Picking up an order
Can I have something delivered on a Saturday?
Saturday deliveries
Can I change the shipping address on my order once it has been placed?
Changing the destination of an order
I just got my tracking number but it seems to be invalid. What’s going on?
My tracking number isn't working
I just placed an order and I gave you the wrong apartment number. How do I fix that?
Changing an apartment number on an order