Jeff M.

Jeff Miller is a leading American industrial designer who has received international acclaim for his innovative, distinctive style. In 2011, Jeff joined Poppin as the Vice President of Design where he leads a growing team dedicated to developing clean, clever and colorful products for the office. Jeff brings more than two decades of performance related experience and visionary aesthetics to the creation of Poppin’s assortment; this guy knows everything from paperclips to furniture.  
Before joining Poppin, Jeff headed his own practice combining his research-driven consulting background, with a more personal elemental approach for a range of clients in the areas of product, furniture and interior design including: Bosch, Cerruti Baleri, Herman Miller, Itoki, Panasonic and Samsung. 
Previously, Jeff was the Creative Director of Itoki Design, a New York-based furniture manufacturer and subsidiary of the Japanese parent company. Years prior, he was the long-time member and Vice President of Design at ECCO Design in New York, where for more than a decade he was involved in product development for global brands including: Apple, Colgate, Corning, LG, Motorola, OXO and Procter & Gamble.
Jeff regularly lectures about his work and has conducted design seminars for students from New York to Paris to Jerusalem; kids just love him. His work has received numerous awards, appeared in print, media, and television, and been exhibited in prestigious collections and museums, worldwide. In other words, this guy is pretty good at what he does and oh, did we mention his great monogrammed shirts?
A native New Yorker, Jeff Miller was born in the city in 1968. He studied Industrial Design at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA, and graduated with University and Department Honors in 1990. He holds several design and utility patents, and has been a member of the Industrial Designers Society of America since 1992. Thanks to Poppin, Jeff occasionally wears a color other than black now.


Head Designer