Andrew B.

Andrew Benoit grew up in Rhode Island, where by an early age, he was already honing the skills he would need to become a future Chief Operating Officer. Observing his mother being stopped by nearly every red light as she drove, seven-year-old Andrew piped up from the backseat with a plan of action. She listened. Red lights avoided.
Throughout high school and college, Andrew held a series of jobs that provided him with additional skills befitting of an Operations Guru, including baseball umpire (calling it like he sees it), dish washer (working with hot water), camp counselor (leadership), short order cook (crisis management), painter (attention to detail), and small business owner (doing more with less). Andrew also developed into a passionate cook (finding the right combination of ingredients), an avid cyclist (focus), an aspiring photographer (creativity) and a jazz music junkie (listening).
Andrew graduated Magna cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa from the College of the Holy Cross where he served as President of his class and moonlighted in a rock band. He studied at Oxford University where he rowed crew and immersed himself in British culture (i.e. hung out in the pubs).  Andrew also received a degree in adventure travel having spent ten months backpacking around the world.
Andrew has worked in operations and finance management for several companies at the top of their respective fields before joining the Poppin team: Goldman Sachs, McMaster-Carr Supply Company and  Most recently Andrew helped fuel the growth at UncommonGoods as its Chief Operating Officer. However, he is definitely working happiest at Poppin.