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Purple Wrapper's Delight

Show everyone you're a wrap artist.

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Purple Wrapper’s Delight Gift Set includes 1 of each: Purple Tape Dispenser, Purple Scissors, Magical Markers

Purple Tape Dispenser
  • Solid weighted core prevents dispenser from going anywhere in a hurry
  • Same length as our stapler for an even set-up
  • Includes a free roll of tape, of course
  • Purple lacquer-like finish
  • Measures 5.5" x 2.75"

Purple Scissors
  • Purple 8.5" Teflon-coated blades wipe perfectly clean after they get stuck on sticky stuff
  • Stylishly circular molded handles will get your pen cup cool points
  • Friendlier and more handsome than the others

Magical Markers
  • Kid-friendly washable non-toxic Markers with bullet tip
  • Each box contains 10 markers with coordinating body and tip color
  • Markers come in Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink, Aqua, Pool Blue, Green, Purple, Brown, Black