Way to work it happy!

With the new year upon us, we're all fired up to get it together and find True Work Happiness-but where to begin? To get you inspired, Poppin's productivity pop stars are offering behind-the-scenes tours of their own work-happy spaces. With bright ideas for desktop brilliance at any budget, get ready to find your own way to work it happy this year.

“I like it simple, bold and a little unconventional. It's an environment where I can be comfortable, productive, and most important, creative!”

“Hmm...black, white and a pop of aqua—need I say more? Oh, and my little guy in that frame makes me work happy everyday!”

“Less is more. It should be said less, but I believe it more.”

“This watermelon inspired ensemble makes for a bright and happy desktop! Lime green is my favorite color and reminds me of the vitality and joy of springtime. Adding pink introduces a bold pop of color - the contrast created is striking and inspires creativity, focus and fun. Work happy!”

“ I'm just a good ol' Rutgers University Scarlet Knight and my godson, Jacob, (in the pic) will be too! Poppin allows me to express my college spirit and reflect on the good ol' days, EVERYDAY :) R-U Rah Rah! R-U Rah Rah! Hoo-Rah! Hoo-Rah! Rutgers Rah! Upstream Redteam, Redteam Upstream, Rah! Rah! Rutgers RAH!”

“I love the simplicity of all white but wanted to add my personal touch and some inspirations. What better way to do that than with neon pink P.O.C.'s and polka dots. Ohh, and plants are a must for working happy!”

“Poppin’s Pool Blue gives me a sense of calm. Work is always crazy so some calming color goes a long way. I added Orange to tie into some local sports teams. Can you guess them? The Lime Green was for a little pop and behold a brandnew Poppin color combination is born. Oh and the trophy is for winning the Poppin Halloween Costume Contest! We are always working happy!”

“My goal was to transform my work area into a space I felt was my own, as I’m both happy and inspired when surrounded by who, and what, I love.”

“I find too much stuff distracting, so I try to keep my desk as neat as possible. The White Poppin products keep everything very streamlined and clean-looking, even in the middle of a busy day when I have magazines and other papers everywhere. The Gel Luxe and the Ballpoint are my favorite Poppin things right now. It's always good to have a few personal things too!”

“I love mixing colors that aren't traditionally grouped together to create a unique color scheme. Flowers always add a bit of sophistication. And most importantly some pictures of my most favorite people. Cheers to working happy!”

“My desk makes me smile. Whether it's first thing in the morning or I am headed back from a meeting, my desk feels like a real destination. Yellow helps me to work happy!”