the to-errase-is-human

Purple Pebble Eraser

Cleaning up your act has never been this appealing.

Ships in: 1-2 business days


Meet the newest member of your gaffe staff! Our Purple Pebble Eraser has the Poppin logo on one side and a friendly reminder to work happy on the other--even through life’s little goofs. Not only is it the ultimate undo-er, it’s perfectly sized to fit in our Bits + Bobs Tray, perfectly shaped to sit soothingly in the palm, and perfectly willing to stand-in for your beloved pet rock.

  • Purple Pebble Eraser
  • Poppin logo on one side, “work happy” on the other
  • Latex-free pleases the people
  • Measures 2.5" x 1.5"
  • Designed by Poppin in NYC

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